Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Weekend of Fixes & #58

This has been a good weekend so far. A weekend not nessisarily for creating new art, but deffinately one of fixes. You see, like many artists, I have several paintings that although they were ok, I wasn't in love with them like I usually am when I finish a painting. There are even some I think ewwww don't like that one. This weekend I am working on the fixing of some of them. And wonderful of wonderful, they are looking better! Yeaah!

This first one is called What A View. I originally painted it last fall. I think it like #21 or so. It was ok, but something was just not right to me. Yesturday I made some changes and although I still think it will get more work, I like it much better now.

The next one I worked on was I think my 23rd painting. It started out as a plein air but has been adjusted a few times now. So once again ...

The third one I worked on is called BLOWING KISSES. I really love the concept of this one but I'm having trouble bringing to life what I see in my head....I'll get it yet

The 4th painting I worked on I don't think I even posted or counted before (can you tell where it fell in the like scale?) I originally painted this for wetcanvas' floral sections monthly challenge. I'm still not in love with it, but don't think ewww with it now. :) So I will add it to the numbered. #58

Saturday, October 2, 2010

57- Beach Near Little Presque

My oldest sister lives in the UP of Michigan. A while ago she uploaded the beautiful reference photo for this painting and I asked if I could paint it. It was almost unreal to me. She agreed, so here it is.

This one is oil on canvas and its a big one. 24" x 36" It is my first waterscape in oil and I'm pretty happy with it as such.

Friday, September 24, 2010

56 - watercolor

More watercolor technics practiced / hopefully learned from the same book as the last one. I am still having a hard time interpeting from another artists interpetation of a reference. Not enjoying that part, but still enjoying painting watercolors.

I've been working on the watercolors in the evenings but oils during the day. I've got the oils set up in a studio but the watercolors can be done in the livingroom and not disturb anyone else. I think I currently have 10 oils going. All of them pretty close to completion. One of those is a re-work of a painting I considered done at one point, but decided to work on some more.

I'm also taking a throwing class. My first art class (YEAH!!!) It is really pretty cool to learn to throw clay. I've only wanted to do this since I was a child and ruined my record player with playdough!

55 - Watercolor

Still working on my watercolor technics This one is a project from a book. There are several different technics in one painting. I find it difficult to interpet and paint a painting. To me, it is much easier to paint from a reference photo, but I did learn several how to's in this project.

It is 9" x 12" on 120lb

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Number 54 doesnt have a name yet. It is my 54th painting and my 11th watercolor. It is my new favorite watercolor. Once of the few not out of a book, but painted from a reference photo. I'm pretty happy with it.

9" x 12" on 140lb

Friday, September 10, 2010


Still working on my water scenes in watercolor. I may adjust this one some more...right by the boats is not quite right.

9" x 12"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

52 - Down On The Boondocks

Yes, yet another waterscape. Still practicing with watercolors, waterscapes and landscapes all in one. I feel I'm getting better at all, but will continue for a bit longer on the waterscapes just to get confident. I really don't care much for the top of the painting but I do like the water area.

9" x 12"

I posted this in wetcanvas and the replies pretty much were not good. I tried to use all of the c&c offered to improve this little painting. Still not in love with it, but I think its better.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

51 - Windy Day or Vertigo

I have narrowed the name of this one down to either Windy Day or Vertigo.. still not quite sure. Someone also suggested Surfs up and I kind of like that too. Don't know..hmmm.. I don't know

Anyway, Yesturday's painting is one taken from a book but I didn't like part of the refernce so I changed it. The top part (the part looking down which is actually at the bottom of the painting, I painted totally different than the reference picture. The rocks just appeared as did the grass and the log. They were suppose to be there I guess. I like them.

It is once again on 140lb 9" x 12" paper. From that size I'm sure you can guess how small the fishermen are in real life (so tiny).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

50 - Half Way There

Number 50! After two years I am finally half way there. I am deffinately not what you would call a prolific painter. There are many artists who paint a painting a day, but I can not do that. Although, since I've been using watercolors, I have been producing more finished paintings. I think that is partially because they dry so quickly, you can then work on them again more quickly. And partially because of the nature of watercolors you can over work them pretty easily so you have to be more precise with every stroke.

Number Fify is also a watercolor. 9" x 12" on 140 lb. I think I am getting better at both the medium, and painting landscapes. (Can you tell I like this one?)

Monday, August 30, 2010

49 - The Falls

Watercolor on 9" x 12" 140lb paper...

I used masking fluid...lots of masking fluid. And worked in small areas from light to dark. With lots and lots of layers. I like the results much better than without using masking fluid and trying to save the whites on my own. Did have small trouble with the paper tareing in spots, but I don't think it is too noticable.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

48- The Rock

Yes, another waterscape watercolor. Out of the same book as the others. I am pretty happy with my rock and even my tiny little water...not so much...More practice to come. An advantage watercolor has over oils is they dry quickly so you can do many more paintings than oils... The largest downfall I have found so far, is I haven't found a way to get the whites back once I've lost them...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

47 - Colors

Another watercolor - This was a very challenging one.... Still working on my landscapes / waterscapes... Haven't decided weather this one was successful or not yet. This one's reference photo was thanks to the generous person who submitted it to wetcanvas' reference library. I think it would have taken much longer to do in oils but also would have been much easier technically. Still need to practice both landscapes and seascapes.

Friday, August 27, 2010

46- Bo

Bo Schembechler - This is the portrait that just kept going... I have decided I dislike commissions. When I paint something that someone else wants me to paint I don't look forward to painting as much. So with everything else going on in my life, the boyfriend getting diagnosed with recurring renal cell cancer (stage 4), the elderly couple I take care of from my church both going into the hospital (mulitple tiems), My youngest son graduating, my mom passing away, my youngest son going to has been a long 6 months. To be honest, I didn't start the commission right away. Didnt start it in December when asked. Actually started it around June (I know bad huh?) But things just kept happening so I kept putting off starting it...

I think he turned out ok. He is large (2' x 3'). The largest painting I've done to date. The gentleman it's for is very happy as is, so I am too.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

45- Rushing

#45 is another watercolor. From the same book as no 44. The first one with water. Painting water is a bit challenging... I think I got the look of the rocks ok, but the water I am not sure.

Monday, August 23, 2010

44- Winter Landscape

My 4th watercolor attempt and my 2nd watercolor landscape. Landscapes are not something I've done a bunch of, even in oil. But, I bought a book on painting watercolor and this was one of the projects... Sadly it didn't turn out as planned. I'm going to do more landscapes. You know what they say practice, practice, practice.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

43- Trio

Watercolor on 140lb paper

My 3rd attempt at watercolor... I am so enjoying this medium! It is quick, it is fun!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

42 - Wild Prarie Rose

Wild Prarie Rose

Yes, I know I skipped 41. #41 was my very first watercolor, so please excuse I am not showing it. I'm pretty sure no one will. Most likely it will be destroyed for its own good.

The wild prarie rose is the state flower of North Dakota. This one was done in watercolor on 140lb paper. It is my second watercolor painting. I really kind of like how quickly a watercolor painting progress. An oil would take weeks or even months for me to complete. There is something freeing about a painting that can get over worked very quickly (I learned about over working on my first one).

I hadn't been doing much painting lately. It is a great feeling to have my heart back (and my head back) where they belong.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art Show

I am generally a shy person. Not outgoing like most of the artists I meet. So it took a lot to get myself convinced to enter my first state wide art show. I entered my last 3 paintings. They were accepted and I rejoiced. Then the nerves hit and for the next few days I was a nervous wreck.

I delivered the paintings at the appointed time and place. So many very nice paintings I felt honored to be accepted at all.

The next night was my first artists reception. I had no clue what to expect. I didn't expect to be told rudely at the door "This is a private party." and be looked up and down like I was street trash. I explained I was invited, an artist, and she let me pass to the next woman. This second woman was handing out name tags. I smiled and said hello and patiently waited. She said hello, no smile and looked away. I waited a few more seconds (which felt like an eternity) and then walked away.

Next I walked into the display area to find my paintings and look at the other paintings. Some of the paintings were outstanding, some were not very good at all. As I looked for my own paintings, I didn't agree with some of the ribbon places, but did agree with others, so it was about the same as any other show I'd been to in that respect. I kept walking and looking. Then looking some more. I'd been around the whole room and couldn't find my paintings. Confusion overcame me, but I continued to look. Finally found one. It was on a narrow wall that you had to go around to look at the regular display area and it was over my head. I looked some more and found my others similarly placed.

I spent some time looking and no-one Else's paintings were hung this way. The whole thing was overwhelming to me and I left after less than an hour. I don't understand why I was treated this way. Maybe because I haven't entered this event before I was considered an outsider and not welcome. I know I was not welcomed. The event was held at the gallery I am represented at, even though I don't spend time with any of the other artists, I don't think I should have been a total outsider.

I felt (and feel) very disappointed and sad. I've never been treated this way before and I pray that I've never treated anyone like this.

On my ride home I pondered the event and debated weather or not I should enter another show. I'm not sure I will. If this is how I'll be treated I don't think so, and I'm not sure I'm up to finding out. It was entirely too hard on me.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

40 - Bird Of Paradise

16" x 20" oil on canvas

My mother died May 1st. When I was growing up she let me play dress up at her vanity. On this vanity was always several bottles of Avon Bird Of Paradise perfume. She would let me play there for hours while she sewed away in her little sewing area a few feet away. We would talk. I painted this in honor of my mother. I miss her.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

39 - Humane Society

Back in March the plein air group I paint with went for an outing. Winter lasted longer than normal here in Indiana so there was not much living to paint. Most of the group went on to paint historical building, but I couldn't bring myself to paint a painting without something alive in the painting. So when myself and another painter came across the local humane society we knew we had to paint it. If you look back to painting no. 33 you'll see the plein air version of this.

I just love the looks on both the cats faces so I really didnt do much to change the plein air in that way. What I did change was add the reflection at the top. Hopefully it adds to the painting. I'm not sure about the name though, so it might change.

Humane Society Oil on canvas 11" x 14"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

38 Oklahoma Rose

Still working on the state flowers. Obviously this one is for the state of Oklahoma. I had a difficult time with this one. The background of the reference photo lent nothing to the composition. And kind of stole attention away from the rose so I changed it. Then I didn't like it either so I changed it again and so on and so on. I finally decided the sky as a background might work. I've not painted a lot of clouds or skys but gave it a wirl. I kind of like the way the blue in the sky plays off the pinks / and oranges int he flower.

I'm almost done with roses for a while as I'm running out of states that have roses as official flowers. Iowa and North Decota both have the same flower as their state flower so I don't know if I'll do two versions of the same flower or just one and call it good.

11" x 14" Oil On Canvas

Saturday, May 15, 2010

37 - Cherokee Rose

Oil on Canvas - 11" x 14"

This painting took several weeks to complete. I can't even tell you how many layers of various color I painted very thinly.

I like the way it turned out, and even did something that I consider brave with it. On the website wetcanvas, there is an area I have often viewed, but also where I have never posted a painting. This area is called critque forum. I have a statement at the bottom of all my paintings that C&C (comments and critique) are always welcome, but few in wetcanvas post any critique. It is more like " well done" type thing. But in the Critique Forum they tell you what they really feel about your paintings. So I am feeling either brave or crazy and I am just not sure which. Time will tell. But I know if nobody tells me about a mistake, I can not correct it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

36 - Pink Tea Rose

This is one of my larger paintings 18" x 24" Lots and lots of very thin glazes...

35 - Blowing Kisses

I love this one...just wish I could get better photos of it! To me, it looks as if the rose is blowing kisses.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well I did it! I am now, as of this afternoon, in a gallery! Represented even! In November/December the plein air group I paint with had a show at the local art gallery. One of my 3 paintings sold. This spring the same art gallery had a spring flower show and I receieved an invitation, the only 2 paintings I put in it, sold. Sold within 2 hours of the show opening.

Since the last paintings sold we have been in discusions about my joining the gallery... Today I took my paintings in and watched them get hung on the wall...under the sign that has my name on it!

I only took in 4 paintings... I only had the 4 completely ready. I have several more almost ready, but working in oils, it takes a while to dry between layers... so as soon as I get more ready I can take them in.

Oh, and I was looking around at some of the other art/artist's work, and I realized something...I think I need to raise the price of my paintings. They were much lower than all of the other artists.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

34 - A Red Red Rose

I've been working on this one for a couple of weeks...lots of layers...surprisingly very little red in the red red rose

12" x 16" Oil on canvas

33- plein air

Yesterday was the first painting day for the plein air group. It was a great day! Sun was shinning and it was warm! Ah! Warmth! I truly believe it is under-rated.

I live in Hancock County and we always paint items of interest from our county. This year we decided to focus on interesting subjects on highway 40 which runs right thought it.

We then decided to start our year right in the town were the plein air group is centered, the city of Greenfield. It is a beautiful old town. Many very cool old buildings and houses.

While the group was looking around and deciding what to paint, I was standing next to the local humane society. The cats are allowed to run around loose and several were laying around in windows and in front of the door. I couldn't resist! I had to paint it.

Unfortunately, we only paint from 9am to 12 pm and we talked and tried to decide where to paint for so long that I never got set up until about 10:30. I only got about an hour and 1/2 of painting in but I really love the painting... Love it so much, I'll do more cats in windows and doors and such!

oil on canvas, 11" x 14"

Monday, March 15, 2010

32 - Spring Has Sprung

This is one of the many times I wish I took better photographs. The painting looks so much better in person.

11" x 14"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

31 - Yellow & Red Tulip

After the long winter, I, and my fellow floral painters in wetcanvas were yearning for some color. The monthly challenge was tulips. Long known for their colorful beauty and the sign of spring.

#31 is one I did for this challenge. 11" x 14"

Friday, February 26, 2010

#30 - Magnolia Blossom

I had a lot of fun with this one. I am really loving painting flowers in general. I am thinking of starting a series of them. Maybe the 50 state flowers... hmm maybe.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

29th Painting - Mourning

I'm listing this as the 29th painting, but it probably is closer to the 20th.

Last fall, it was comming up on the anniversary of the day I lost my late husband, and I was thinking of him. This is the result. Kind of like an outpouring of emotions. After I finished the painting, I posted it on wetcanvas , then put in on the drying shelf in my studio, and promptly forgot about it.

Recently, someone on wetcanvas commented on the painting, which reminded me that I never posted it on the countdown. Rather than go back through and re-number everything, I've decided to just add it.

Although I don't feel it is my "greatest" painting, I do feel it is the one that shows my emotions the most so far. I miss him. Will always miss him. But I do try to go on.

The recent comment hit me as kind of funny. Not funny ha ha, but funny. You see, the painting was made for the anniversary of his dealth, and the comment was made (reminding me of the painting), on his birthday. I believe it was his way of letting me know he misses me too.

Friday, January 29, 2010

28th - 1st Floral - Peony

I found Wetcanvas' Floral / Botanical section. There are some amazing artists there. They, like most of the other groups, have a monthly challenge. The flowers were so beautiful I decided I needed to join them in the fun.

And it was fun! I loved it! I did my initial drawing, and tried something new. I did an underpainting and them went to very thin glazes of color. I am loving this technic and will definately paint this way again.

I am pretty happy with the way the flower turned out too. Although I am sure it is not technically completely correct. It is an atractive flower and has some pretty good depth. So I like it. I'll have to paint some more flowers! I've already started searching Wetcanvas' reference library for the next one.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

27th Painting - Montebello Quebec

Another from the landscapes monthly challenge featuring snow. Since it didn't have another naked tree, it was much easier form me. I am pretty happy with the painting in general. And it doesnt hurt it was painted pretty quickly (for me), only taking about a week including drying time.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

26th Painting - "Ghost of Trees Past"

"Ghost of Trees Past" is my first snow painting, as well as, my first naked tree (tree with no leaves). This was so much harder than I anticipated I can not tell you!

The Wetcanvas' landscape section has a monthly challenge to paint with different reference pictures. It is really interesting to see how everyone paints the same scene so differently. I finished the painting this morning... it was from the December challenge. That right there should give you a hint as to why the painting is named what it is.

25th Painting

Ok, when I finished this one, I finally hit 1/4 of the way to the 100 paintings! Yeah! It really is an accomplishment for me since #1 - I painting very slowly, #2 - I paint with oils so it takes a while to move on to the next layer since I have to wait for paint to dry, #3 - my life is just crazy lately and I seam to have even less time to paint. Really, I have been "retired" for 5 years, wouldnt you think I would have more time to myself? More than a maybe a couple of hours a week?

Grumbleings are done now.

This is the 2nd in the "light" series. I'll still do more I am sure. This one has a bit more color and the trees are better, but I still do NOT like my trees... practice makes purfect so I'll do more.

24th Painting - Frosty Boy

Frosty Boy is a local legend. The communitee counts down the days till Spring watching the sign for the "opening ..." After its opened for the season the sign of summer says " ice cream ..." The sign also heralds in the fall season when the sign changes yet again to " closing..." and on to winter with the signage posts as " closed for the season".

The teenagers go "hangout" at Frosty Boy, the adults meet up at Frosty Boy and the elderly give directions with "just past Frosty Boy" in there somewhere.

So when our plein air group decided to paint in my home town, I knew exactly what I wanted to paint! Most of the group (not from there) thought I was crazy when I insisted that although yes, there were tons of great old buildings and landmarks in New Palestine, this was the most famous, and should be painted. Mostly the group conceded and joined me in painting this wonderful place.

It was a beautiful early fall day and we painted well into the afternoon. Usually our plein air group goes virtually unnoticed, not when we were painting Frosty Boy. I think everyone who walked, biked, or drove by us stopped, looked and commented. Adding more and more stories about Frosty Boy. I believe by the end of the day the rest of the plein air group understood why I felt this one was so important to paint.

Btw, incase you noticed the background, in November, a local gallery showed all of the plein air group's paintings in a month long show. It was pretty cool my first show of sorts.

23rd Painting - Thanksgiving-ish

The plein air group I paint with did an inside painting session because the outside weather was not great the last day we were to paint out for 2009 (November). Some of the members brought in some items for a still life and we set up to paint. The only drape we had available was a purple cloth. This was very striking against the bright orange pumpkins. I just couldn't live with it, so I changed the color to a greenish color.