Saturday, September 4, 2010

51 - Windy Day or Vertigo

I have narrowed the name of this one down to either Windy Day or Vertigo.. still not quite sure. Someone also suggested Surfs up and I kind of like that too. Don't know..hmmm.. I don't know

Anyway, Yesturday's painting is one taken from a book but I didn't like part of the refernce so I changed it. The top part (the part looking down which is actually at the bottom of the painting, I painted totally different than the reference picture. The rocks just appeared as did the grass and the log. They were suppose to be there I guess. I like them.

It is once again on 140lb 9" x 12" paper. From that size I'm sure you can guess how small the fishermen are in real life (so tiny).

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