Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ATC - Flower trade

Atc or Artist Trading Cards have been around for a while but I am quite new to them. People (usually artists) trade them (not sell them). The same size is concidered a ACEO if it is sold.

Wetcanvas miniature forum is hosting a trade that I signed up for. The only rule of what it is to be is flowers. I LOVE FLOWERS. I love painting them in all kinds of mediums, so of course I signed up.

I have six months to complete them. Then they must be mailed (one to each of the people on the list). Each person I mail to will also send one to me. Pretty cool I think. I have started several already. I had to stop starting them because I ran out of trading cards. I went to the art supply store to get more, but they were out of them. I did pick up some larger artist canvas pads that I can cut to several of the right size. Problem with that is we all know I have good intentions about such things but I really really hate cutting anything. I am not good at it. I dont cut straight, and it usually looks sloppy so I'll give it a few days and if I dont do it, I'll order some online.

Oh, one more thing, we are not suppose to post the pictures of the flowers on wetcanvas until the people recieve them, I dont think it matters if I post it here as long as I dont say who it went to.