Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18th Painting - Hancock County Iron Bridge

My second attempt at plein air sent me to the boon-docks. I was to meet the rest of the plein air group at 9am at the bridge. The only address I had was 900s sout of 500 east. The only problem with that is that this particular intersection is right on the edge of 3 counties, so depending on which direction you are comming from, the signage said a different thing! I finally arrived about 9:30. As you can imagine from the painting, although it was a beautiful day, with the tree canapy, the lighting made it seam almost dusky. This sounds kind of gloomy, but the way the light was hitting the bridge was dramatic. (It did, however, make choosing my paint colors difficult. )

I once again learned some lessons for the next time I go out. #1 - bring bug spray. I think I spent more time swatting bugs (2 or 3 at a time), then actually painting. And #2 - bring your mahl stick. You never know when your run into a sign that needs lettering and for me, I need that stability to get good lettering.

One really cool thing that happened, after we had been painting for a while, a deer walked across, just past the bridge. It walk to the middle, turned looked at us for a few minutes then casually walked off. I just knew it was thinking... what are you doing here? After it left we were all very excited and stopped painting for a bit as we all had to comment on the deer. One of the artists got a few photos. Another artist has incorporated the deer into her painting. I don't paint that quickly, so it is not in mine, but I do think it is quite neat!

As I stated before, the lighting was better at this stop than my 1st plein air, so I like this finished painting better than the first. I feel I still need some work on my greens though. Next time I'll do better. Besides I still have a long way to go before I'm suppose to judge weather or not I'm good or not. 82 more paintings to be exact!