Thursday, June 17, 2010

39 - Humane Society

Back in March the plein air group I paint with went for an outing. Winter lasted longer than normal here in Indiana so there was not much living to paint. Most of the group went on to paint historical building, but I couldn't bring myself to paint a painting without something alive in the painting. So when myself and another painter came across the local humane society we knew we had to paint it. If you look back to painting no. 33 you'll see the plein air version of this.

I just love the looks on both the cats faces so I really didnt do much to change the plein air in that way. What I did change was add the reflection at the top. Hopefully it adds to the painting. I'm not sure about the name though, so it might change.

Humane Society Oil on canvas 11" x 14"