Thursday, February 3, 2011

61 - Oranges

So one night I was sitting in my livingroom eating an orange. There really isnt much orange in an orange. Starting thinking about it so went to the store and bought a big bag and dumped them out...and started painting. Really, very little orange in an orange, there is yellow and green and white even some blue but not much orange.

This was onother quick study. About 3 hours start to finish

Orange in Oranges. 18" x 24" oil on canvas. There really isn't much orange in oranges.

60 - Bucket of Apples

60 - Bucket of Apples

This was a quick painting. I decided I had spent so much time fussing about details in some my paintings that I was loosing my joy at painting so played with this one, very quickly. It is a large painting, but did the whole painting in about 4 hours...very very quick for me.

Apples - 18" x 24" oil on canvas. Not my usual style. Pretty impressionistic. But I like it so calling it done



Another oil on canvas. 18"x 24" It is yet another were I varied a bit from the reference photo. Mostly in the background. I changed that entirely, and like it much more now. Finally signed it today, so it gets added to the pile of finished paintings.

I enjoy the adding of paintings to this blog. Not so much the finishing of the paintings. That always makes me a little sad.