Friday, September 24, 2010

56 - watercolor

More watercolor technics practiced / hopefully learned from the same book as the last one. I am still having a hard time interpeting from another artists interpetation of a reference. Not enjoying that part, but still enjoying painting watercolors.

I've been working on the watercolors in the evenings but oils during the day. I've got the oils set up in a studio but the watercolors can be done in the livingroom and not disturb anyone else. I think I currently have 10 oils going. All of them pretty close to completion. One of those is a re-work of a painting I considered done at one point, but decided to work on some more.

I'm also taking a throwing class. My first art class (YEAH!!!) It is really pretty cool to learn to throw clay. I've only wanted to do this since I was a child and ruined my record player with playdough!

55 - Watercolor

Still working on my watercolor technics This one is a project from a book. There are several different technics in one painting. I find it difficult to interpet and paint a painting. To me, it is much easier to paint from a reference photo, but I did learn several how to's in this project.

It is 9" x 12" on 120lb