Sunday, May 23, 2010

38 Oklahoma Rose

Still working on the state flowers. Obviously this one is for the state of Oklahoma. I had a difficult time with this one. The background of the reference photo lent nothing to the composition. And kind of stole attention away from the rose so I changed it. Then I didn't like it either so I changed it again and so on and so on. I finally decided the sky as a background might work. I've not painted a lot of clouds or skys but gave it a wirl. I kind of like the way the blue in the sky plays off the pinks / and oranges int he flower.

I'm almost done with roses for a while as I'm running out of states that have roses as official flowers. Iowa and North Decota both have the same flower as their state flower so I don't know if I'll do two versions of the same flower or just one and call it good.

11" x 14" Oil On Canvas