Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well I did it! I am now, as of this afternoon, in a gallery! Represented even! In November/December the plein air group I paint with had a show at the local art gallery. One of my 3 paintings sold. This spring the same art gallery had a spring flower show and I receieved an invitation, the only 2 paintings I put in it, sold. Sold within 2 hours of the show opening.

Since the last paintings sold we have been in discusions about my joining the gallery... Today I took my paintings in and watched them get hung on the wall...under the sign that has my name on it!

I only took in 4 paintings... I only had the 4 completely ready. I have several more almost ready, but working in oils, it takes a while to dry between layers... so as soon as I get more ready I can take them in.

Oh, and I was looking around at some of the other art/artist's work, and I realized something...I think I need to raise the price of my paintings. They were much lower than all of the other artists.