Saturday, October 1, 2011

What's Your Hurry? An update

For some reason the pic looks darker than the actual painting. I really should take a photagraphy class. I removed the fish right behind the turtle. I like it better now. I also darkened the bottom part of the painting. I was told it gets darker the more you go down in water. I personally liked the bottom part better when it was lighter but it is done now and I have put the painting away.

I have so many paintings going now I need to find the time and insperation to finish some so I can make room in my studio. It is getting crowded!

The elderly gentleman I take care of had a fall last week. I thought he was going to die. I've been up to see him everyday until today. He is now doing better but they (the doctors) are telling me at his age (90) he wont survive long. I'm sad because I love him and will miss him. I'm also scared because #1 I've become dependant on the income and #2 If I don't have that to do I will have the time to actually paint, I'll reach that 100 mark and I'll be able to ask myself "Am I any good?" Really is kind of scarey to not have that cushion. To face things one way or another.