Thursday, August 11, 2011

Second time teaching

This past spring I started an arts and crafts club at my church. We usually meet on Thursday evenings and everyone brings what ever they are working on and we talk as we work. It has been wonderful! We decided at the first meeting that once per month someone would do a demonstration of a craft.

I went first and taught a painting. It was an ok size group with 6 in attendance. Everyone seamed to have a good time and they said they were happy with their paintings.

We have learned lots of other crafts along the way too. I've learned to knit. We made recipe card holders, wove baskets, decorated cakes...

With my wedding this July there was no way for me to lead it during the regular times/days so July got skipped.

This Saturday I am to teach another class. The group has grown. There are currently students signed up. I'm thinking the last group really did like the last class!