Sunday, February 27, 2011

63- Sunflowers in Blue Vase

Someday I really need to learn to take better photos. I am sure part of it is being patient enough for a good day to go outside and photograph my paintings, but that may never happen. As soon as the painting is done I want to see how it looks on the monitor. Often this will point a problem that I missed in real life. I'm not exactly sure how that works but it does. Then, if I don't see anything I need to fix, it is declared done. So I post it on here (yes even if there is an awful glare.)I probably should be a bit more careful with the photos... maybe someday..

Back to this particular painting... Sunflowers. I love flowers. Love painting them and just enjoy being around them. The bright petals against the dark background was a challenge that I truely enjoyed. I feel I am getting better at yellows. Greens...still working on though they are improving some.