Sunday, February 14, 2010

29th Painting - Mourning

I'm listing this as the 29th painting, but it probably is closer to the 20th.

Last fall, it was comming up on the anniversary of the day I lost my late husband, and I was thinking of him. This is the result. Kind of like an outpouring of emotions. After I finished the painting, I posted it on wetcanvas , then put in on the drying shelf in my studio, and promptly forgot about it.

Recently, someone on wetcanvas commented on the painting, which reminded me that I never posted it on the countdown. Rather than go back through and re-number everything, I've decided to just add it.

Although I don't feel it is my "greatest" painting, I do feel it is the one that shows my emotions the most so far. I miss him. Will always miss him. But I do try to go on.

The recent comment hit me as kind of funny. Not funny ha ha, but funny. You see, the painting was made for the anniversary of his dealth, and the comment was made (reminding me of the painting), on his birthday. I believe it was his way of letting me know he misses me too.

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