Saturday, May 15, 2010

37 - Cherokee Rose

Oil on Canvas - 11" x 14"

This painting took several weeks to complete. I can't even tell you how many layers of various color I painted very thinly.

I like the way it turned out, and even did something that I consider brave with it. On the website wetcanvas, there is an area I have often viewed, but also where I have never posted a painting. This area is called critque forum. I have a statement at the bottom of all my paintings that C&C (comments and critique) are always welcome, but few in wetcanvas post any critique. It is more like " well done" type thing. But in the Critique Forum they tell you what they really feel about your paintings. So I am feeling either brave or crazy and I am just not sure which. Time will tell. But I know if nobody tells me about a mistake, I can not correct it.

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