Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art Show

I am generally a shy person. Not outgoing like most of the artists I meet. So it took a lot to get myself convinced to enter my first state wide art show. I entered my last 3 paintings. They were accepted and I rejoiced. Then the nerves hit and for the next few days I was a nervous wreck.

I delivered the paintings at the appointed time and place. So many very nice paintings I felt honored to be accepted at all.

The next night was my first artists reception. I had no clue what to expect. I didn't expect to be told rudely at the door "This is a private party." and be looked up and down like I was street trash. I explained I was invited, an artist, and she let me pass to the next woman. This second woman was handing out name tags. I smiled and said hello and patiently waited. She said hello, no smile and looked away. I waited a few more seconds (which felt like an eternity) and then walked away.

Next I walked into the display area to find my paintings and look at the other paintings. Some of the paintings were outstanding, some were not very good at all. As I looked for my own paintings, I didn't agree with some of the ribbon places, but did agree with others, so it was about the same as any other show I'd been to in that respect. I kept walking and looking. Then looking some more. I'd been around the whole room and couldn't find my paintings. Confusion overcame me, but I continued to look. Finally found one. It was on a narrow wall that you had to go around to look at the regular display area and it was over my head. I looked some more and found my others similarly placed.

I spent some time looking and no-one Else's paintings were hung this way. The whole thing was overwhelming to me and I left after less than an hour. I don't understand why I was treated this way. Maybe because I haven't entered this event before I was considered an outsider and not welcome. I know I was not welcomed. The event was held at the gallery I am represented at, even though I don't spend time with any of the other artists, I don't think I should have been a total outsider.

I felt (and feel) very disappointed and sad. I've never been treated this way before and I pray that I've never treated anyone like this.

On my ride home I pondered the event and debated weather or not I should enter another show. I'm not sure I will. If this is how I'll be treated I don't think so, and I'm not sure I'm up to finding out. It was entirely too hard on me.

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  1. I am sorry to read about your unfortunate experience at the art show. I recently entered two of my scratchboard pieces into a show for the very first time into the "Non traditional painting or drawing" category to find hung so close to the floor that I'm sure the Judge would not have seen it or have even known that it was a scratchboard, therefore I will not enter this show again but I will at least try others, so don't give up.