Sunday, January 17, 2010

24th Painting - Frosty Boy

Frosty Boy is a local legend. The communitee counts down the days till Spring watching the sign for the "opening ..." After its opened for the season the sign of summer says " ice cream ..." The sign also heralds in the fall season when the sign changes yet again to " closing..." and on to winter with the signage posts as " closed for the season".

The teenagers go "hangout" at Frosty Boy, the adults meet up at Frosty Boy and the elderly give directions with "just past Frosty Boy" in there somewhere.

So when our plein air group decided to paint in my home town, I knew exactly what I wanted to paint! Most of the group (not from there) thought I was crazy when I insisted that although yes, there were tons of great old buildings and landmarks in New Palestine, this was the most famous, and should be painted. Mostly the group conceded and joined me in painting this wonderful place.

It was a beautiful early fall day and we painted well into the afternoon. Usually our plein air group goes virtually unnoticed, not when we were painting Frosty Boy. I think everyone who walked, biked, or drove by us stopped, looked and commented. Adding more and more stories about Frosty Boy. I believe by the end of the day the rest of the plein air group understood why I felt this one was so important to paint.

Btw, incase you noticed the background, in November, a local gallery showed all of the plein air group's paintings in a month long show. It was pretty cool my first show of sorts.

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