Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Have't posted in a while

It has been months since I posted anything. Mostly because I've been so busy I haven't painted much. I did finish one painting ( I'll post that in my next posting), but I've really been busy.

Case in point, I recently got married . Yes, that is not a typo, I got married again. I've been seeing the new hubs for several years and long ago we talked of getting married, but really I couldn't see a reason to get married. Then the gentleman was diagnosed with recurring renal cancer. He was diagnosed at stage 4. That is not a good starting place. There have been some really pretty scary times were I've no been sure he would make it through the day. And I was during one of these scary times that I realized I wanted to marry him. Kind of gave me a startle when I realized it. But it was there and when he was having a better go of I I mentioned it to him.

Some time went by and I thought really very little about it. He was doing better, we were on a break from the treatments, and I decided to go visit some family for a week. It was a wonderful time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. When I returned from my trip, he said "we need to talk ". This is not usually a good sign. I sat down and he began to talk. He started with every objection i had previously voiced about getting married and he raised equally good reasons to overcome them. Next he spoke of every objection he had to getting married and then stated his reasoning why these were not so important after all. Then he got on his knees, held my hand, and told me he loved me, he didnt care if it was a week or 50 years.... He wanted to spend the rest of his life married to me. So I said yes!

Our engagement announcement was not typical. Instead of the traditional newspaper announcement, the man posted it on Facebook. Needless to say my children were startled by finding out this way. But mostly they thought it was amusing.

The wedding could not have gone off so well or so quickly if it where not for two incredibly wonderful paddies from my church. They planned and set it up and made it so beautiful I cant express my gratitude enough.

The honeymoon was fun. We did something most find strange, but so appealed to us... Everytime we approached an intersection we then made the decision which direction to go. We posted our decision on Facebook so family and friends could join the adventure. We traveled for a week and had many adventures including getting stuck! I am now an old married woman .. Been married for three whole weeks and things are starting to get back to normal

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